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New siding color trends you need to know about in 2022!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

One of the biggest drivers in value and curb appeal, the exterior of your home and its color should be updated to fit modern trends.

In the past years, subtle palettes reigned supreme, however styles are changing as homeowners desire more dynamic colors on their home’s exterior in 2021. This year, make a statement with a bold siding color choice, as well as a contrasting mixture of light and dark hues, that adds interest and intrigue to the exterior.

Your goal here is to create a contrasting, bold and dynamic color scheme that utilizes light and dark shades of similar neutral colors, mixed with a bold accent color to make the home’s exterior pop

Using a mixture of light and dark hues, such as light trim with a darker siding color for a trendy look, especially when combined with a bold color choice that accents your home’s features. For example, use white trim against dark grey siding with a black door as a focal point

Some people forget about things like their front or garage door color and end up with two colors that don’t match at all. You might have had a blue garage door, so you will want to use a vinyl that goes with that color, not something like orange.


Blue siding and white trim are a classic design combination, while grays and black work very well with a darker navy blue.

Green siding is a very common siding color here in delaware due to our luscious landscapes. Green works well with browns, beige, white, and even red!

Beige has an earthly tone to it that matches well with nearly any surrounding environment. Beige and brick are a match made in heaven. Here are some examples of beige exteriors..

Gray is a trending color that is here to stay. Wether you prefer dark or light, gray is a fabulous neutral color that allows your trim to pop. Gray is an excellent choice because it combines well with almost any complimentary color.

5. RED
Reds are warm colors, they are popular around lake and barn areas, which are very common in delaware

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