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Getting new gutters? Here are the top problems you will likely run into...

Gutters play a crucial role in keeping the exterior of your home looking beautiful and new. They are typically installed along the edges of the roof in order to then collect and redirect the any rain water away from the foundation of the building. A properly installed and maintained gutter system will protect your home from any water damage not typically visible to the eye.

If your gutters have a dip in the system due to improper installation, the water will not be able to make its way down into the downspouts and out into the ground. This arises a number of issues. One being, water will then flow out the sides of the gutter channel causing damage to any landscaping, and will cause mud splatter over the side of the house which will then cost you time, hassle and money to have washed off. Two, a considerable amount of water will now drain into the foundation of the home causing it to weaken and....that is a can of worms better left closed. Three water will be able to flow behind the fascia trim and rot any wood it can reach, which can be an entire wall, believe us we've seen it more than once. Frequently, if this problem is left unresolved will only get worse over time as the uneven amount of water in one area of the gutter will cause it to weigh down and trigger hardware failure along the gutter system, or even total failure

Another common issue with gutter systems is debris. With the change of seasons you will need to have your roof cleaned of any leaves or branches. If you do not already have gutter guards, your gutters will fill up with debris causing them to not only overflow but clog any downspouts, which can be a nightmare to clean depending on the installation. That being said whenever a gutter get clogged, this will cause water to overflow and rot the substrate of your roof, fascia, and walls. On top of that, the drips over the side of the gutters will cause mud splatter all over the side of your house. This is why it is crucial to have enough downspouts installed every 25-30 feet and drain well away from the foundation.

Let's face the facts.. if you go to your local big box store and buy materials to try to install the gutters yourself to save some money, all you're likely doing is wasting time and money, all while missing out on a quality install that could have been done by a professional in a day.

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