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There's more than what meets the eyes when it comes to picking siding. Unsuspecting customers will often opt for low cost materials not knowing that their manufacturers use less of the crucial ingredients that make quality siding last. 
Titanium dioxide is a critical additive in vinyl siding because it protects PVC from potentially harmful UV rays. It makes siding and vinyl accessories opaque and acts to prevent the sun from degrading the resin, which could become cracked and brittle. Typically, manufacturers of low cost vinyl siding use less TiO2, because this additive is expensive and unsuspecting consumers will not notice the weathering for a few years.


Dressing your home in CedarBoards is like wrapping your family in a cozy blanket. Inside you will enjoy a quieter, more comfortable home. Outside you will appreciate the authentic look of natural wood, enhanced by distinctive colors and finishing touches. You can feel confident that you have made the right decision buying from CertainTeed, a company that is an industry leader and stands behind its products with strong warranty protection. The CedarBoards Vinyl Siding Lifetime Limited 50 year warranty.

 If your home's insulation is bad, you will be spending alot of money in the effort to heat or cool your home. As the leading experts in siding, we are determined to help bring you the best solutions todays industry has to offer. 

CertainTeed's  Cedar Board insulated vinyl siding line provides not only one of the best insulations in terms of heating and cooling but noise as well. CedarBoards has a R value of 2.0-2.7. However, at Joes siding we take it a step further and install another layer of insulation under the CedarBoards, which increases the R value to 4.0-4.7. Just another way we strive to save our customers money


Stabilizers are used to protect the PVC compound from degrading as it is heated and subjected to pressure. This keeps the plastic ductile. Impact modifiers are applied to make the vinyl more resistant to the dings and dents that routinely occur on the wall and during and after installation. This is an absolute must as hail or debris being thrown around by wind can and will damage siding, especially if you have one of the lower quality brands. Carefully selected and blended impact modifiers help CertainTeed vinyl siding withstand most hail storms as well as normal installation and use.

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