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The things we value the most in life should last the longest.

Which is why JAMES HARDIE is among the top siding choices in North America. One thing for sure as the years go on, we all show signs of aging but as JAMES HARDIE products are created to stand up to the demands of your specific climate area, they'll look good for years to come, potentially saving you time and money. JAMES HARDIE Provides the best qualities any exterior siding can offer.



In the event of a fire you want to know the walls of your home will help protect you while your family get to safety. Fire feasts on wood and melts vinyl almost instantly. But Hardie siding will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame nor will it contribute to fuel a fire. Because JAMES HARDIE products are non combustible, many insurance companies offer a discount. At Joes Siding we recommend sharing HARDIE's fire resistant qualities with your insurance carrier   



Mother natures creatures can wreak havoc on certain types of siding. If it is wood, OSB, or wood composite, it can easily be pecked by birds damaged by insects. However, JAMES HARDIE products provide little appeal to critters and won't be damaged by termites. So you can focus on the animals in your life that actually make you happy



Severe weather will test the strength of your home. Hail and blizzards hit hard and fast. Extreme droughts and relentless heat can go on and on. Your choice of siding along with the proper installation will help your home stand up to these unpredictable elements.


Water can damage your home like nothing else. It may be gradual, but it is relentless and can cause swelling, cracking, loosened paint, and lead to mold if not properly managed. This is where JAMES HARDIE stands out from its competitors.


JAMES HARDIE has become one of the leaders in the industry for good reason. One being all the physical benefits their products have to offer but also their comforting warranties so you can feel confident buying from JAMES HARDIE, a company that stands behind all their products.

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